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Container Terminal Logistics (CTL) – is one of the top depot services providers in Jordan. CTL aims to further develop the logistics industry by providing new services to the market. Located in multiple strategic locations amongst Aqaba and Amman, CTL is considered as a vital gateway to international trade flow from and into Jordan. Equipped with high level of safety standards, high-end infrastructure and experienced team that is well versed in customers needs through the different industries, CTL is the ideal logistics solution to the shipping lines, freight forwarders and consignees.

CTL is the first Inland Container Depot (ICD) in Jordan with two fully operating locations, one in Amman the capital city of Jordan and the second one is in Aqaba 400 M to Aqaba Container Terminal, which is the main gateway to Jordan for containerized cargo. The purpose of this proposal is to introduce Container Terminal Logistics CTL, with general background, overview, and to clarify the major reasons that drives CTL to start such business support in Aqaba and Amman providing logistics services to the leader of the highly profile shipping lines.


Container Terminal Logistics CTL is a leading end-to-end logistics services company providing professional logistics services. CTL has provided a very wide variety of quality services and solutions supported by its marketing and extensive logistics services since its formation in Jordan in 2019. Having worked with various clients on different projects, the company has established for itself a reputation for quality workmanship, flexibility and timely completion of projects to the highest standards. A turnkey design and development capability, the company offers services from concept through to commissioning. CTL’s fully Integrated Management Systems, ensure full compliance with building, health and safety regulations, as well as sound environmental and energy management procedures.

Extensive enterprise resources and a highly skilled and dedicated team of qualified and experienced managers, foremen and skilled technicians, means that CTL has the necessary infrastructure, technical expertise and the experience to handle contracts of any magnitude in all disciplines. Our expertise has made us market leaders in providing technical and support services to the private and public sectors. With the experience and support of a dedicated, professional workforce, our performance-based services, combined with our expert knowledge, processes and systems, help customers achieve optimum asset performance.


Our company aims to provide high-quality container storage services, striving to efficiently meet the needs of our customers. We distinguish ourselves through continuous technological updates and innovation in warehouse management to provide a safe and secure environment for the storage and protection of goods. We seek to achieve customer satisfaction by offering tailored storage services and flexibility in handling, contributing to the success and sustainable growth of their businesses.


Our vision is to be pioneers in the container storage and transportation industry, striving to excel in delivering services that surpass the expectations of our clients. We aspire to be the preferred choice for businesses and customers seeking a comprehensive and efficient solution for their container storage and transportation needs. We are committed to achieving high standards of safety and security, with a focus on innovation and technology to ensure operational efficiency and the protection of goods. With pride, we aim to be the leading company setting quality standards in this sector, with a continuous commitment to meeting the needs of our customers and achieving excellence in every aspect of our services.


Commitment to Quality:
We are dedicated to providing high-quality services in the field of container storage and transportation, utilizing the latest technologies and continuously improving our operations.

Transparency and Integrity:
We interact with our clients transparently and maintain high levels of integrity, always striving to build relationships based on trust.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility:
We place special emphasis on our social responsibilities and work diligently to improve the environmental impact of our operations, with a commitment to achieving sustainability in all aspects of our business.

Innovation and Development:
We constantly seek to enhance and develop our services through the ongoing adoption of innovations and future technologies, ensuring the fulfillment of our evolving customer needs.

Excellent Customer Service:
Our customers are at the forefront of our priorities, and we aim to provide an exceptional experience through a professional and dedicated team.

Collaboration and Partnership:
We consider collaboration and partnership essential to our success, whether with our clients or partners, working together to achieve our common goals.

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What drives CTL to support Shipping Lines in Aqaba & Amman

• We can offer you a container storage service in the event that the ships do not arrive on time, and this is a good service and feature we offer you as it saves you very high storage fees in the port.

• Based upon our sense of partnership and sharing shipping lines mission in developing Aqaba Special Economic Zone as a regional hub for logistics and cargo support. CTL is ready for establishing and run the business upon high standards in service quality, efficiency and professionalism.

• How we will be different in Managing and handover for current business at the yard.

• Supporting shipping lines business (export/import) for the containers handling and update container moves.

Shipping Lines