Container storage yards play a vital role in the logistics chain, especially for countries like Jordan that rely heavily on exports. These yards provide crucial services, such as preparing containers suitable for export in all categories, to ensure the best services for Jordanian exports in all their forms. One of the key services offered by these yards is the refurbishment of containers to make them clean and ready for filling, serving Jordan’s export sector.

Ensuring that containers are in optimal condition is essential for the smooth flow of exports. Containers need to be not only structurally sound but also clean and well-maintained to meet international standards. This is where container storage yards play a crucial role. They inspect, repair, and clean containers, ensuring that they are ready to transport goods safely and efficiently.

By offering services to prepare containers suitable for export in all categories, these yards contribute significantly to Jordan’s export industry. They enable exporters to meet the stringent requirements of international markets, ensuring that Jordanian products reach their destination in the best possible condition.

In conclusion, container storage yards play a vital role in supporting Jordan’s export sector by providing essential services to prepare containers for export. By ensuring that containers are clean and in optimal condition, these yards help maintain the quality and reputation of Jordanian products in international markets.

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What drives CTL to support Shipping Lines in Aqaba & Amman

• We can offer you a container storage service in the event that the ships do not arrive on time, and this is a good service and feature we offer you as it saves you very high storage fees in the port.

• Based upon our sense of partnership and sharing shipping lines mission in developing Aqaba Special Economic Zone as a regional hub for logistics and cargo support. CTL is ready for establishing and run the business upon high standards in service quality, efficiency and professionalism.

• How we will be different in Managing and handover for current business at the yard.

• Supporting shipping lines business (export/import) for the containers handling and update container moves.

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