CTL owns container storage yards dedicated to storing empty containers. These yards are strategically located in Al Mowaqar, Street 100, and in Aqaba, Yard 9. Each yard has the capacity to accommodate up to 4000 containers, making them crucial hubs for container management and logistics in the region.

The yards’ strategic locations play a key role in facilitating efficient container handling and distribution. Their proximity to major transportation routes and ports enhances their accessibility and makes them ideal for businesses involved in international trade.

The facilities are equipped with advanced infrastructure and technology to ensure the safe and secure storage of containers. They adhere to international standards of container management, providing a reliable and efficient solution for container storage needs.

In conclusion, the advanced empty container storage yards in Jordan, located in Al Mowaqar and Aqaba, are essential facilities for businesses engaged in international trade. Their strategic locations, coupled with their advanced infrastructure, make them key players in the region’s container logistics industry.

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What drives CTL to support Shipping Lines in Aqaba & Amman

• We can offer you a container storage service in the event that the ships do not arrive on time, and this is a good service and feature we offer you as it saves you very high storage fees in the port.

• Based upon our sense of partnership and sharing shipping lines mission in developing Aqaba Special Economic Zone as a regional hub for logistics and cargo support. CTL is ready for establishing and run the business upon high standards in service quality, efficiency and professionalism.

• How we will be different in Managing and handover for current business at the yard.

• Supporting shipping lines business (export/import) for the containers handling and update container moves.

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